A Guy Can Have Multiple Orgasms Too: Are You Up to The Challenge?

Women Want Double OrgasmsEvery time you have sex, you want to make your partner cum more than once; Sure! that should be your objective. You use pornography and movies, and you know it’s getting easier because of your skill —still it’s no easy thing to do. And you think, “Wow, I work really hard to give my partner pleasure, but what about me?

Wouldn’t you like to know what it feels like to come more than once yourself? I’ll let you in on a little secret. It is a very real possibility — you can come more than once, during a single sexual encounter. It can be a bit of a challenge, but what guy doesn’t like a challenge when it comes to sex?

Let me be explicit, I’m not talking about having another orgasm after you take a nap, get up for a bite to eat, or when you wake up in the morning. This is not about having an orgasm in a second round, but about coming more than once in that first encounter. I’m talking about it being physically possible for you to reach more than one orgasm before you reach ejaculation.

Yes! It is possible to have multiple orgasms as a guy. Most men just don’t know it’s possible. All you have to do is practice some special techniques and you too can enjoy multiple orgasms — just as your partner does.

  1. Avoid Ejaculation

Although you can ejaculate at the same time as you have an orgasm, these two actions don’t necessarily have to go together. You can actually come without ejaculating, and if you want to cum more than once then this is the biggest obstacle you have to overcome.

First, have to understand the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation. The orgasm occurs anywhere from two to six seconds before ejaculation, so if you want to have multiple orgasms you need to avoid the final ejaculation because once you ejaculate, it’s over, your brain will send a signal to the penis to go to sleep and recover.

2. How to Prevent Ejaculation

Believe it or not, but some of those Kegel exercises that women use to strengthen their sex muscles can also keep you from ejaculating when you have an orgasm. So what are you waiting for? Do some Kegels. You need to strengthen the PC muscle. This is the same muscle that you used to stop the flow of urine and give you the ability to shut off the pump before you ejaculate.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

If you want more than once you need to practice, especially if you haven’t been sexually active for a while. Take some time to masturbate before you head off on that dinner date. This can give you a little more control when trying to have multiple orgasms. And when you do get down and dirty, you want to follow these steps to prevent yourself from ejaculating when you come.

Do an immediate Kegel — Squeeze it up tight when you feel like you’re about to orgasm. Hold it for about 10 seconds or longer. the longer you can hold it, the more you push the ejaculation back down.

Think about Something Else — This is a very simple but effective way of preventing the ejaculation from coming; think about anything else except about coming.

Immediately Change — Change your stroke and divert your attention from the action that made you come. Avoid the head and change your stroke without stopping altogether.

Concentrate on Breathing — Concentrate on your breathing and breathe through your stomach to calm your heart rate. Do these while you continue to masturbate or move if you’re having sex. Let the orgasm happen without ejaculation, change it up and then start again.

Breathe Deeply. — Pull your breath through your stomach to lower your heart rate. But don’t stop masturbating or having sex.

4. Be a Teen

When you were younger you probably masturbated over and over again. You may have even controlled your ejaculation so you could do it again. This gave you multiple orgasms. Somehow young men understand how to come several times. Practice and get the control you once had back. you can do it! Multiple orgasms are a lot of fun. You got at least try it out.

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