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As a contact lens manufacturer, our products reflect the way we see the future of eye care. With every new lens development we aim to make a vision clearer or a job easier. We have engineered our products to meet the visual needs for a wide spectrum of patients. Eye care is our passion and we believe that t maybe the beginning to a better life.

Research and developmentĀ 

To create better products we listen, research and ask very many questions. Clinical trials in various areas of the world help us evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the contact lenses we manufacturer. Our consumer research allows us to get feedback from customers who use our products as well as opticians who recommend our products at their practices.

Product information

From most peopleā€™s experience, fitting a contact lens can be trying. Our job is not only to create lenses but also to inform people on the correct use of the lenses. Considering that there are people who prefer eyeglasses to contact lenses, we show them the benefits of contact lenses. To address the wearers optical needs, we offer the following variety of contact lenses.

  • Daily disposable contact lens: our daily disposable lens allows the user to use a different lens every morning.
  • Colored lenses: to enhance the natural color of your eyes we offer these special lenses that give you a natural long effect.
  • Monthly lenses: these contact lenses are replaced on a monthly basis. Due to technology, they can retain moisture and enhance breathability of the eye.
  • Specialty lenses: Patients who suffer from severe visual challenges are also catered for by these special prescription lenses.

Our innovative approach to eye care has enhanced the production and process of making high quality contact lenses. We will always use modern technology to push the frontiers of quality in contact lens manufacturing. Aside from making contact lenses we also make lens care products. These can be availed readily to any eye care practitioner.


Having the largest portfolio of contact lenses and lens care products we pride ourselves n supplying the highest quality of lenses. For this reason we offer personal, efficient and consistent service to any customer we have. Every product on our portfolio can be ordered online from our website. Our online tools make ordering easier by; tracking your order, allowing you to view your invoice and statement, facilitate direct shipping and being available to you any time of day.

Customer care

Our website has dedicated areas for both professionals and patents alike. We provide advice and educational information that supplements the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. By incorporating feedback elements and communication tools we are able to maintain and improve the standard of customer care. As a contact lens manufacturer, we have discovered that our success is tied to a great product and high standard of customer care. From our experience success is achieved in delivering the contact lenses the market ergo the customer wants.

Despite all the advice meted, it is paramount that you visit qualified medical practitioners who can advice you on vision correction options available to you.


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