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There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing contact lenses. While expensive ones are very nice, it really depends on your eyes. It has to be what fits you best, and this really differs from person to person. By choosing what fits your eyes the best, you will be able to choose the best contact lenses for you. When choosing contact lenses that are of good quality and what’s best for you, it’s crucial to know how much your eyes can handle and know your refractive error. Understanding how committed you are in taking care of your lenses is also very important, as not taking care of contact lenses properly is severely detrimental to your eyes.
So the first step when deciding to choose contact lenses is deciding between two different type of contact lenses: the hard lenses and the soft lenses. This can depend on how frequently you are going to wear contacts. If you are not going to wear contact lenses often, it is much wiser to buy the soft lenses. The hard ones take some time for people to get used to, as you can feel them. The soft ones are very comfortable, and people can wear it for a long time or part-time if they want to. So in this way, soft lenses are more flexible to more undedicated contact wearers.
From this, a question should be raised. Why would anyone wear hard lenses if it is uncomfortable in the beginning? Hard lenses are gas permeable contact lenses, and it provides sharper vision. This is even more helpful when someone is suffering from astigmatism, a condition where there is a defect in the eye and causes some images to be distorted. So if you are really particular about good eyesight and don’t think the soft lenses are doing a excellent job with clarity, you should switch to hard lenses.
In addition, choosing whether you want to buy disposable one-day contact lenses or longer ones is another decision you need to make. Taking care of your contacts is probably an even more important step than buying good contact lens. Problems with contact lens such as eye infections and corneal ulcers come from not taking care of your lenses properly. If you don’t want the responsibility of having to clean your contacts everyday, it is probably wiser to pick disposable contacts with one-day soft lenses.
By keeping this all in mind, picking contact lenses will be an easy task to do. However, asking your doctor for professional advice is still highly recommended, as they can know any allergies or other problems with examinations.

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