Contact Lens to Make Her Squirt

Women have different perceptions about squirting. There are some which takes a lot of time and heavy petting in order to attain this kind of sexual pleasure, while others find it impossible to do. A lot of women are not into the idea of squirting. With this, men have to learn some tips and tricks to make a girl squirt so that they could make their partner squirt without fail.

Make a Girl Squirt by Fingering Her

There are various ways on how to make a woman squirt and one of this is stimulating the G-sport through fingering. But, it does not mean that you immediately target the G-spot. You need to spend some time on foreplay like breast sucking and kissing on different parts of her body. This will give her the sensation she needs to ejaculate more. Also, do not forget to stimulate the clitoris even though your aim is the G-spot. Continuously stimulating the G-spot in a rhythmic manner could lead to squirting.

The Cat Method

It stands for Coital Alignment Technique which is actually a sex position. A lot of men who have tried this technique could testify that it works well in making their partner squirt. In this position the man is on top facing his partner. In doing this technique it is necessary that your manhood is in constant contact with the clitoris.

Find the Right Sex Position

If the suggestion above is not effective, then you need to find the right sex position for her. The purpose of this is to properly stimulate different areas of her vagina that could lead to intense orgasm of squirting. It would be best if you do some thorough research online to have a better chance of finding the best sex position to stimulate her well.

With the tips and tricks to make a girl squirt mentioned above, you now have an idea on how to do it. If it is your first time doing it, do not expect any immediate results. It would take some practice before your goal is achieved and finally see her with these contact lenses.

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